Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Stamping on a lion

I've made a bit of a hash of my template tiddling. I have lost the date marker which is a bit of a problem. So now I have diary entries with no date. Is it still a dairy? Then I scrubbed the whole thing and had a template "off the peg" and blow me the date marker was still missing! Then I thought I know I'll just go back to the beginning when everything worked, but alas the date marker is still missing, which is a bit off a nuisance because I really wanted to write about Richard and Judy again.

Richard Madeley is becoming obsessed with ginger cats (quite rightly- but the second time within a week when his Freudian slips have disclosed his deep desire may I say love for me; Ferdi) ginger is not just a colour but a state of mind! Anyway he ran an article on his show about a rather handsome ginger hued feline that was baby sitting a lion cub. This apparently was not the first time that this particular auburn cat has nurtured an orphaned Leo . Watching the show I must say it was difficult to distinguish between the two. I myself, have often been mistaken for the tiger. I wonder just before I publish, will this blog be date stamped?

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