Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missing the point.

Susan lugs back a bag of cat litter – 12.5 kg and dumps some of its contents in a tray marked ‘Kitty’. I, of course, ignore this contraption – Con-trap.
Lil is supposed to wear a plastic bucket on her head but Susan wouldn't tie it on Lil's old turkey neck. "Only if she starts chewing at herself," Susan said.
"She needs it. She needs it," I said. She’d look so bloody funny. Susan pretended not to hear me!
Lil has had her hair shaved: neck, right and left back legs.) I had my camera waiting, poised, ready, but no!
"Get that camera out of my face," croaked Lil.
Lil scratches at the cat litter. Digs a nice little hole, carefully positions herself upon the tray, and pees all over the floor.