Friday, September 29, 2006

Ferdinand ginger cat TV presenter.

Nice to be home. Great to be in my box. But it was fantastic to be away.

Up canal road, past the matress factory, Billy the barge cat sits face tilted toward the sun. The Harpy is twenty foot long, green and red livery, castles and roses painted on metal buckets house herbs and red geraniums arranged along her deck length.

Billy gave me a ride to Bimingham. His sister Horatio would float me the final leg to Birkenhead and the ferry cross the Mersey would see me to Liverpool. Three weeks!

This is just a short jotting, but just to say, DOLLY, I had to go and I do appreciate you - sort of- you keeping my blog going, even though you've managed to upset nearly all my readers.

I've been working in Liverpool. I, Ferdinand have been a TV presenter. I'm sure Richard Madeley had something to do with it. I knew he wouldn't forget me.
You won't be able to see the show but this is me on air -Ferdinand TV presenter.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dream on Ferdinand ginger cat

Ferdinand ginger cat is sleeping, his dreams are filled with tales of daring do upon the high seas and Ferdinand ginger cat, captain of his ship, has single handedly saved the day.
Horatia: her velvet body black as coal and eyes of deepest amber, calls to him. He has saved her from a terrible fate, she is grateful, and Horatia wants to show Ferdinand how very grateful she is

Horatia. Her eyes meet Ferdinand's and hold his gaze then slowly she lowers her eyes to the deck turns her head to one side and glances up, a sideways look through her lashes.
She turns and saunters slowly away from him then stops and turns looking back at him over her shoulder.
"Ferdinand," she whispers.
Ferdinand, tail held high, walks over to her and they rub noses. Pink nose caressing velvet black nose.
"Ferdinand. "
"I love you," her whispers barely audible above the buffeting of the ship.
"Ferdinand." she cries
"Where have you been?"

"Horatia, what?"And Horatia begins to fade from his strong ginger limbs, and the more he tries to hold onto her the smaller she becomes.
The buffeting continues though, if anything harder and harsher than before.
"Where have you been?!"
And Ferdinand is thrust rudely back in his box and wrenched away from the warm embrace of Horatia and Dolly said when she'd finished jumping all over his box.
"Anyway, I've been keeping your blog going!"

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ginger cat's diary is blog of the month

I don't know what Ferdinand found to write about! I've been sitting staring at the keyboard and nothing, just a blank... Mind you, he did ramble therefore, while I wait to unblock and my creative juices flow I thought i'd just update the appearance of the blog -looks exceedingly professional i'm sure you'll agree. I just need to change a few more things (Ferdinand's portrait! for one thing, i'd like to change the name too but then I would not have a blog.)

I suppose I could start my own journal but it is only during my tenure this blog has reached critical acclaim, since my management takeover, my blog was blog of the month in English magazine which is an international mag for non English speakers (and not because their English is so chronic they don't recognize a well written word either!) Yes I, Dolly, am not only the most beautiful, beautiful (which takes a lot of hard work, time and effort) tabby in the world but am philanthropically engaged in the teaching of English to foreign students as well as running this newspaper- no wonder I don't have the time to write in this journal!