Thursday, April 24, 2008

I’d rather not live in a tea chest.

"Yes Lil."
"Yes Lil."

"Don’t mean to appear ungrateful or any thing! But I’d rather not live in a tea chest. I know you’ve been to a lot of trouble, but I’d rather lay on a radiator. This radiator if you don’t mind..."

"But Lil..."

"Ferd, I know  you’ve worked very hard. I’m not sure I could cope with the damp. I have a bit of Arthur Itus. Made him walk with a limp too and he was famous."
"Arthur! It's shocking the dull ache you get in your bones."
"Did you know him?"
"Came from Blarney..."
"Lil. You may not a have a choice! You may have to..."

The witch makes smells!

I have been looking through the archives. Family documents! Surprising what turns up, or not, as the case may be. But this old movie, from the silent era, directed by my great, great, great, X great uncle is a great discovery.
Oh, yes. We, the Felidae's are a famous old theatrical family. Right back to Shakespeare and beyond... May I introduce to you? The silent. The old. The very creepy...
 The witch makes bad smells!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ferdinand: A cat in control in an out of control world!

Bill and me. Have enough money (from the work we did for the experimental lab) to buy and furnish two tea chests, plus purchase the feline rights of land grab to position said chests.
I have been listening to the news. A recession or depression, or maybe just a big hole is arriving. I know from experience -plus reading the papers and many history books- when such a hole appears we pets tend to get thrown overboard or out.
So contingency plans have been drawn up. I haven't told the girls yet, Nno need to worry them unnecessarily.
Bill and me are in control.
So two tea chests upturned under a laurel tree, by the canal, lined with cushions and duvets are already in position. That's the housing taken care of...
I now need to work out how we are going to feed ourselves...

Ferdinand: A cat in control in an out of control world!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am Ferdinand cat compass.

Spats the cat turned up late for dinner. Three years late!

Oh, yes. The homing instinct of we felines is astounding. We have magnets in our heads!
Ferdinand. Cat compass.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Things that have to be done before we close our eyes!

Just before I turn in:

1/Tuck Lil in.
2/Make Doll a Libby's.

(Phew the things that have to be done before we close our eyes!)

Anyway. Quite forgotten where I was...

I have renewed the Ferdi Review.

Oh, yes.
Now if I could only find the link.

It is late...

I've been up up all day...

Where is it?
Exhausted myself!
Laying on a radiator isn't easy. Not when you're stressed.
No good - can't find the link.
I'll have to publish this later.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dolly, tell Ferdi

"Dolly, tell Ferdi. Injuns!"

"Yes, Doll. A Mohican came through here just now."
"That was Ferdinand with the Mohican."
"Ferdi has an injun friend?"

"Not injuns. Native Americans."
"That why Billy is bald? Scalped by inju... Native Americans?"
"No! That was Ferdinand."
"Ferdinand scalped Bill?"

"Did you bellow, oh striped one? Hello Lil"
"How what Lil?"
"How d‘ya do Lil?""Very well. I’m deaf, with failing eyesight, on tablets twice a day, and lost a lot of weight, apart from that I’m very good."

Dolly: Oh never mind!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Mewsings of the poet laurecat

Martin chucked me out of the chair, called it his!

But this undaunted ginger cat -with the very groovy hair style- was amused. And inspired by my muse I wrote...

It’s not his chair
‘cos I am here
And he is over there

If he were here
And I were there
Then it would be his chair!

Get out my chair
You mangy cat
Now I am over there

If he were here
And I were there
It would not be his chair.

Ferdinand: Mewsings of the poet laurecat .
Or, I'm a poet and I know it! Tee Hee, Amusing mewsings! Alright. I should stay off the catnip.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The mad clipper murderer!

Dolly is wielding clippers. She is hunting my barnet! The mad clipper murderer!
Fortunately the Bzz Bzz sound warns of her approach...
Billy quite liked his new hairdo until it rained. The water trickled down the back of his neck and got right under his fur coat.

Bzz Bzz

Did I hear something?

So we found a bathing cap which was fantastic. It was bright yellow with goldfish impressed all over it.

Bzz Bzz

Which kept his head dry. Only thing was he couldn't hear a thing. So we cut holes in it for his ears to stick out but they allowed the wet in and the droplets trickled under his fur coat...!

Bzz Bzz
I'm sure that's buzzing!

Shuzzz shuzzzz.
Shuzzz shuzzzz.

"Oh NO.

A mirror.

I need a mirror!


Oh, well, not bad.

Not bad at all.

Could be good."

Ferdinand punk.

Ferdinand Mohican Indian.

Oh, yes. Well cool....

ferdinand punk mohican
Ferdinand: hip or what?!