Thursday, March 02, 2006

If it can't be proven can it be true?

On Monday I was rained on. Tuesday snowed on, Wednesday hailed upon, I'm becoming loathe to go outside. February is over ( thank god.) I have things to do. I missed February 14th; the day when all cowardly romantics can declare undying love. But I, having been attacked by marauding Rolands was laid low. But I have my solemn duty to perform ( well actually it's not that solemn, not solemn at all, in truth I bloody well enjoy it: I have the species to perpetuate. New ginger beings to make. And Electra, Electra with the blue eyes and the dark grey body... Mind you she does live bloomin' half a mile away so it would make life a little easier if the weather would just stop doing weathery things. But Electra is de-vine. I can admit I am in love. Ok so I am in love a lot, I put my paws up and own up, but Electra she is just so Electrifying..

We are all in trouble from the humans of the household Lil (well not all, Miss perfect pads -Dolly- hasn't put a paw wrong) Anyway Big Lil has thrown up on the silk Persian rug and, well I have been caught napping as this photo shows. Well it was cold, the conservatory door was open, the humans were absent, and the sofa... Well just too tempting. They're not back yet, but I certainly am not cleaning Lil's vomit. And as for the ginger hairs on the sofa Lil' has auburn patches on her coat so if it can't be proven can it be true? Yes I say; truth and proof are separate. I will own up to the ginger fur on the settee- after all, I'm honourable (besides the fact when the truth be told light shines and the sky doesn't fall in! - I hope.) Plus Lil is allowed in the living room and it wasn't me that left the conservatory door open (it was Martin -so he only has himself to blame?) And is my red fur different from Lil's ginger fur, is my fur more difficult to remove? When you prick me do I not bleed? ) Sorry, getting a bit carried away. Nerves. Guilt.

The key is turning in the lock. Time to go. I'm back in my box - blue -I like blue - with a picture of bananas on the side in yellow -wonderful, and I have a blue wool blanket. I am in the conservatory"resting" in my box...
" Err Lil!!" The female human voice exclaims..
I rise from my banana box and with fortitude, (plus furious rubbing of human legs) confess:
"it was me who left the hairs on the sofa."
But strangely Susan ( female human) puts out her hand and caresses my ears
"you are such a good boy," she says.
Oh Electra! If only you will whisper those words. I don't care It may be blowing a force 8 but spring has sprung.


Spunky said...

Hello! Spunky here. I have comandeered the keyboards for a moment to say I like the new layout. Oh, and I often sit where I shouldn't, climb where I mustn't, and bite Miguel when I want to. Much to the annoyance of She-who-would-wish-to-be-obeyed. However, when I get caught I just look at her with my big green eyes and give her that 'who me?' look. Sometimes it works, sometimes I end up in my cage. That's okay, I'm young, black and beautiful. :) Okay, gotta run before She-who-would-wish-to-be-obeyed comes back and realizes I can type and puts me to work. Ciao!

ferdi said...

Thank you. It is nearly as I want it just a few minor tweaks needed but that'll have to wait. Things to do! Funny things, humans; but pander to them we must, our lights kept under the bushels (strange saying that- very human) Oh well humans what can you do.
Lol ferdi