Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A very important invention.

I was happily penning my thoughts when the fragrance of boiled haddock assailed my nostrils; Dolly was breathing down my neck.

"Shall we do some more writing?"
"Dolly, I've told you before, there is no we, this is my diary as in blog as in private as in keep your nose out and your paws off."
"I need to finish the story I started, you remember, the one where I came to your aid and took the wrap or more accurately the bucket of water, you know when you were being electrocuted."
"I was not being electrocuted. Electra is just so electrifying, she...
"Lights up your life!"
"Anyway the electric shock you received has obviously given you short term memory loss, 'cos you promised."
"I am a cat of honour, character and honesty as well as charisma, charm obvious good looks and intellige.."
"Well Mr Purrfect lets get to it then." Dolly said as she interrupted my train of pertinent thoughts."

Now this little snippet is old news and the invention obviously didn't take off but right at this moment it seems like the best idea the human mind could conceive.

Clelland compared Frederick's innovation to the ideas of Author Paul Pedrick. A former patent officer himself, Pedrick bombarded his former employers with legendarily screwball designs in the 60s and 70s - one of which was a cat flap fitted with a colour sensor to allow his cat Ginger through, to the exclusion of his neighbour's black moggie.

I wonder if they're still available.. it excludes certain cats, certain cats with stripes and boiled haddocky breathe? maybe I could get one on Ebay?

An overheard conversation. Susan -female human of the household-

"I can't believe the amount of cats fur on this keyboard!"

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Miguel said...

Hey Ferdi! You can get lots of great stuff on ebay! Unfortunately, She-who-would-wish-to-be-obeyed has hidden the credit card. All because we tried to order new cat bed without her permission. *sigh* If only cats ran this household.