Monday, March 20, 2006

Big wheels keep on turnin'

I strolled into a catholic church today. In the vestibule under a pieta, dirty blankets shrouded the body of an unwanted soul. In the pew furthest from the alter a cigarette butt lay discarded on the flag-stone floor. And these two uncommissioned artworks spoke eloquently of the centuries old tradition of sanctuary and solace for societies outcasts. Later a good Christian came and swept the impromptu installations away.

I am trying to get home. I am under a privet hedge. I am not a brave crosser of roads. So I wait. And I wait. I'm still waiting and its beginning to drizzle. I'm waiting for the big black rubber wheels to stop rolling.

Much as my ginger body did today, so my mind is wandering now. A building had been lit up in celebration of St Patrick.
Very original!
Very creative!!
Very out of the box!!!

Which is where I long to be right now. I have the same box, my very favourite; the box with yellow bananas printed on the side. But a different blanket -brown.
I suppose I'll have to let Dolly finish her story...!

Still the wheels roll.

I'm going to call Big lil Lilly Schrodinger after the scientist who couldn't work out whether his cat was alive or dead, well if a scientist can't decide and he wasn't even working with Lil how are we supposed to know?

A break! I make a dash and arrive safetly across the river of rubber just in time; the big wheels start rolling again.

Sanctuary. I'm in my box on my blanket under my glass ceiling.

Big wheels keep on turnin' proud Mary keeps on burnin' rollin', rollin, do do da da do do .

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