Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dance of the sugar plum fairy

I've just woken. Nice bright morning.

I've been working on a new web page It's called The Ferdi review which I am determined to keep secret from Dolly who is very generous with unsolicited advice -what links to have and the true meaning of a well designed web site. Which is not the point! This site is about stuff I like; which by definition of course means it will be governed by immaculate good taste, incredibly good judgement, natural flair, plus ability, need I go on? Well naturally, intelligence, rigour and wit cannot be omitted; my outstanding good looks are not necessary for this particular page so I won't mention my shiny coat -a delightful shade of ginger, my handsome white whiskas, my emerald ey...

Just had to stop writing Dolly is on the prowl, now where was I... This meant I have been tinkering around with my web pages again, But i'm quite pleased with how it looks (for the moment.) I find I always have a honeymoon period with stuff i've created -lasts about six weeks, but I must learn not to be too self critical!

"Hello Ferdi," Dolly mewed
"Hi Doll."
"What you doing?"
"Playing spider, "I quickly flicked the minimise button on my word document and picked up where I left off on the forever open game.
"Can I be of assistance?"
"Just wanted to tell you about Lil."
"Tell me what about Lilly? If shes puked again that is definitely not news."
"No, shes moved off the back of the sofa."
"Blimey better call Kate Adie."
"You know we were watching Darcy Bussell..."
"Lovely creature so graceful, so poised, so very feline."
"With Richard Madeley on Richard and Judy..."
"Lil has been practising her Arabesque."
"I kid you not. Well you know she did it yesterday immediately after Miss Bussell had finished her routine -leg stuck up at a 120-degree angle
her paw pointed. We all thought it was a stretch,"
"Well we thought it was something, just difficult to make out what."
"She's doing it again now but with music."
"She's humming, she's humming dance of the sugar plum fairy."
"This I have to see..."

NN Bb VV H bbb nnnnnnjhbcvg mm !!!!! ! dddx c c
Bb v b vvvv : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!?? ??.....
G hnvlkdfj mvnj nvjf nhfuryfhb n bv.Yo th .
Sg vv cnbbn mm,,,,

"Dolly you've been on my computer!"

I wonder whether she knows about my Ferdi Review, could she have read it in the time I was gone? Lilly was just parked on the sofa with her head on the radiator just as she was when I last saw her. No, I cant believe Dolly could be that manipulative, could she? No. Well... Ummh!

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Spunky said...

Loved the cat cartoons, especially "Spunky hacks a furball"! LOL