Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Ferdinand, Fred the bedhead and Charley.

A dull, dank, dingy day. This is an interminable winter. The only good thing is it's not blowing a Siberian blast. Lilly is asleep, Dolly is asleep. I'm in my box. I think the female member of the household knows this is my favourite box and I have received compliments about the beauty of this box (well one comment) but that particular commentator has very good taste so it counts. Whereas; if they bore the burden of appalling naff taste there opinion would be of little value and could therefore be discounted! HOWEVER; it's time for a change, not that I'm superficial or fickle, I would still have this design of box (if they-the humans of the household- could be so fortunate in finding another, which I seriously doubt) this box has lost its fragrance and has become stale, like old bread. So, I'm in my glass ceiling abode on a dull, dank, dingy, dismal day on a PINK blanket surrounded by moulding loaves. I could get a yeast infection.

So just to cheer myself on this dull, dank, dingy, dismal, depressing day. I will remind myself of just a couple of my achievements:

Ginger cats are at last being granted the recognition they so rightly deserve. Can it be just coincidence that only after I, Ferdinand (the very famous ginger cat) started my online diary -with of course its Ferdi Review page; that after thirty three years Charley the ginger cat has been voted the nations favourite? Plus can it be accidental only after my ginger cat blog went online that Whiskas the food company who cook the food which nine out of ten cats prefer (I must say I am rather partial to the chicken and tuna flavour) have hired the superb and handsome actor, Fred the bedhead, ginger cat? The answer to both questions: I think not.

Charley the Cat tops film poll A SCRUFFY ginger cat that warned millions of children about the dangers of strangers and matches has been voted the nation’s favourite public information film.

Six short films featuring Charley, a moggy with the voice of the late comedian Kenny Everett, have been screened since 1973. Now thousands of nostalgic viewers have voted the series their favourite public information film from the past 60 years.

And here is the link to the famous actor Fred the bedhead.

Well I'll be! Those self-help books are possibly right (Be positive.List all your accomplishments.) The sun has just popped out. I'm feeling better already...

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