Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ferdinand stuck in a bucket!

"Why have you got a bucket on your head?"
"Because I couldn't find a bandage!"
"Oh, that's made it perfectly clear."
"Then you're lucky."
"You're lucky that it's been made clear! Lil can't hear and I can't see."
"Well you would be able to see if you took the bucket off your head!"
"That -oh Dolly- is just it, I can but I won't! You -oh striped one- are lucky you can read this blog...!"
"I'm lucky to read your ramblings?"
... and I'm lucky because I can take this bucket off my head if I want to."

"Are you going to buy me a Christmas card this year?"
"Might be."
"I have got 50p left in my Friskies account after the soiree."
"Oh I see, this is some round a bucket way of saying you're not going to buy me anything!"

"Have you got any money?"
"Oh! now I get it you want a loan."
"I'm not giving you my money."
"I don't want it! I want you to give 50p..."
"You just said..."

Help to give this baby back his sight If every reader of The Sunday Times Magazine spared 50p this Christmas, half a million children could be saved from going blind, and a million more people could have their sight restored.

There are 37m blind people worldwide, and 75% of this blindness is either preventable or reversible. The Standard Chartered / Seeing is Believing initiative aims to make a difference to the lives of 10m people by 2010. For every £1 given by readers of Times Online and The Sunday Times, Standard Chartered Bank will also give £1, up to a maximum of £2.5m

"Oh I see!"
"See, you're lucky!"

"Ferdinand if I give you 50p or 1 dollar will you be quiet and take the bucket off your head? No, scrub that! Be quiet and leave the bucket on your head and I will give 50p... A good deal, better than any Christmas card!"

Ferdinand stuck in a bucket!


The Meezers said...

stuck in a bucket for a good cause Ferdinand!

Anonymous said...

I hope you decided to take it off in time for dinner though! It's a good cause, but you can't let yourself starve!

Is your head better after the party?

Ferdinand said...

Alas, I'm still in the bucket. But I have a straw and oxtail soup is surprisingly tasty!