Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ferdinand: still in his box !

"I don't think Ferdinand is very well, he's still in his box...!" (Susan female human of the household.)
"Perhaps he ought to go to the vet....!"
"He's hung over, a glutten and a rake," Dolly mewed as she rubbed Susan's leg.
"Ah Doll' you worried about him?"
"No he's a lazy blighter, it was me and Lil did all the cleaning while he did the canoodling with Electra."
"I'll give him some warm milk when he wakes up. ."
"What? it was me that broke a nail moving all those boxes."
"... see if he can be tempted."
"Oh! he can be tempted alright."
"Now come on Dolly let's leave him sleeping for now we'll check on him later..."

Ferdinand: still asleep, and dreaming of a bowl of warm milk!


Hot(M)BC said...

Great boxes! Nappin in them is sooper :)

Beau said...

That looks like the most perfect napping box!!