Monday, November 20, 2006

Ferdinand party planner.

I am absolutely filthy. I have been rummaging in the shed for a red carpet. I can't find even a red tablecloth. We have royalty coming and I want to roll out the red carpet for his kingliness.
I shall put this in the to be sorted file.

I've almost planned the menu.
This can go in the nearly done file.

I've ordered my bow tie. I am going to buy Dolly a diamante choker (she has been ogling it for weeks and she likes bling) Big Lil is going to wear pearls -she doesn't know but I think they will suit her very well.
So this can go in the sort of sorted file.

I have my hand delivered invitations to give out.
I'm not sure if Billy the barge cat's barge is moored so I'll have to nip over the canal and have a look.
There's Jim the graveyard cat- his language is a bit ripe but he's good fun.
There's Digby -mind you he is very good looking -umh I'll decide about him later.
And last but definitely not least Electra. Her of the blue eyes and grey body, the lithe limbs, the soft voice, for her they're will be sapphires...
So this can go in the still to be done file.

I have started to spray so all my chums can easily find us. Eau de naturelle tom cat. I did get over excited and accidentally sprayed the sheets hanging on the washing Line, will I ever be forgiven? Susan female human of the household? (no problem) Martin? ( male human of the household) no! but he's away at the moment managing a paddling pool so no worries there. But can I forgive myself? that is the tough one (umh oh alright then.)
Right so this can go in the done but more to do file.

I have five files with stuff in, so much to do so little time to do it. Good job I'm organized, a natural planner, a party planner.

Ferdinand : party planner the host with the most.


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow Ferdinand, you sound like you've put so much thought into this party. I can't wait to visit!
Take care till then and don't work so hard you forget to enjoy the party!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ferdinand, Bonnie an I will try to attend, but I can't promise cuz my beans are puttin clothes in boxes agin an talkin bout Catifornia an fambly far away, an if they go, the puters are off. But we'll try!

THE ZOO said...

wes will try to be in attendence. yoo know how beans get after eating all the turkee. yoo is vury organeyesed and a good party planner.

Ferdinand said...

I really hope you can attend, but I have been remiss I should be sorting out accomdation for all my chums coming a long way. So I have to start another file marked get some cardboard boxes...
Ferdinand the host woth the most