Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ferdinand and Micky the muse

Trying to get near this computer nowadays is becoming difficult. Susan (female human of the household) keeps drawing with a mouse! Now I don't recommend this to anyone, they may be small but they have a nasty nip. Believe me I know.

We have a commune of Mickys under the honeysuckle, and I, being the supreme hunter managed to capture one of these beings in less than eight hours. He wasn't too keen on the idea but I explained it was to assist me in my artistic endeavours and I had no intention whatsoever in causing him bodily harm, and that this was the new thing and no longer was a being required to yield his fur to make a brush (bald as a badger) no! this is going to be a live art performance with hirsute beings. And he would be given full credit: Micky muse!

I had my canvas prepared (well my box, the side of my box.) I'd just gotten him into position when a momentary lapse of concentration -my mind had wandered, my creative juices were flowing, and I popped him in my mouth much as a human would suck a pencil, Well the little blighter screamed called me a lying treacherous wotsit and promptly bit my nose, I'm scarred for life. My nose has swollen to three times its size, my handsome proboscis a carbuncle.

Ferdinand: saving up for plastic surgery please give generously!

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