Sunday, April 02, 2006

Thinking in the box. Or Richard Madeley, Ferdinand and The British Book Awards.

I woke. My heart pitter pattering in my chest. What would it be like when I was there? I am just sooo excited. I' ve had my breakfast just a few friskies I want a light stomach. I have a full wash and brush up, not a bit of my ginger being is unlicked.
"How do I look?"
"Ginger! No, you look great Ferd very handsome. Break a leg."
"Wish I were coming with you."
"Maybe, maybe next time doll."
"Hang on a minute," and she smoothed a tuft of fur that was sticking up on my backside...
Dolly was up when I got back in the early hours.
"How did it go?"
"It was everything I thought and more."
"I saw you Ferd, on the telly."
"Did you?"
"Your tail was sticking out by Richard Madeley's leg. Did you get to speak to him?"
"Speak! more than that Doll, he's taken my email address and wants to interview me on his show when it returns in three months time."
Richard Madeley and Ferdinand
"And look."
"Wow a signed photo. A good one of you Ferdi."
"And there, Dolly, that fur my fur on his shoulder, he's not going to brush it off; ever. That's what he told me."
"Dolly we ought to get some sleep."
"I'm not tired I want to hear all about it. "
"I paddled down my blanket a green tartan 50 % wool. The other fifty is nylon. 100 % makes my fur stand on end."
"You going to sleep Ferd?"
"I may just drift, I'm sleepy but I also want to savour the day."
"Can I get in your box?"
"There's not much room."
"I'm not very big, Can't I savour with you?"
"Ok but don't fidget, And don't dribble."
"You could move over a bit."
"Hows that? "
"Can I come when you get interviewed?"
"I'll try and see."
"You dribbling?"
"Feels a bit damp."
"Love you!"


"Night Ferd."

"Love you too Doll."

The British Book Awards.The London ceremony was hosted by Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.Veteran actress Lauren Bacall, who was among those at the event at London's Grosvenor House Hotel, congratulated Rowling...


Spunky, Miguel, Sasha, Maia said...

Congratulations, Ferdi! Wow, you're a celebrity!!

J Oliver said...

Hi Ferd
Sorry I missed you leaving the awards; look forward to you coming over to try my chicken and tuna bake ( with a drizzle of double cream.)LoL Jamie