Friday, April 14, 2006

The ginger cat's bald spot

Today it's blowing a gale and it's cold but I'm not going to write about that, I'm not going to write about our bloomin' weather until the sun shines and the daffodils are decorating the garden with splashes of sunshine.

Peace. Alone at last, in my box under my glass ceiling. There's a clump of fur on the tiles; a tumbleweed of fur moving gently on the draughts, it is not my fur, although it does have an auburn glint, could it be, it could, it is! Oh no! i've got a bald spot. Where though; legs seem ok, belly is good, back seems ok, tail is hirsute. It can't be my head, please I cannot have a bald patch.

In the bathroom on the shelf under the window is a mirror. If I just move the scents, shampoos, soaps and shaving thingies out the way I should see me. Yes, there is me. Ginger, handsome, furry, no can't see any bald patch perhaps though; it's at the back. So much stuff on this shelf...

"Dolly can you see anything peculiar at the back of my head?"
"Oh Ferdi!"
"You can?"
"It's huge."
"Never seen anything like it before."
"Would it be hidden if I brushed the rest of my fur over it?"
"We could try."
"You can still see my bald spot?"
"Bald spot?"
"Yes my bald head!?"
"Sorry Ferd just got distracted by my reflected pretty furry face in the mirror. Aren't you meeting "Electra tonight?"
"Dont remind me."

"Ferdinand, I have just the thing and what's more it is the must have item at this time of year. There, what do you think?"
"Looks good, and my bald patch?"
"No can't see that."

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Anonymous said...

Where can you buy an Easter bonnet like that?