Sunday, April 09, 2006

My silver frame; perfect

I have found the perfect frame. It is an old silver antique frame and it fits my photograph -my signed photographed of Richard Madeley and Moi -perfectly. I found it in the loft; Susan (female human of the household) who was stowing the Christmas decorations (its April! honestly if she'd left it for another couple months the debate would have been whether it was worth the clamber up the step ladder to the attic as the Christmas count would have begun.)

Anyway, I followed her up to the attic and found this frame laying around in a box of old pictures and prints...

1 comment:

Spunky said...

*applause* Lovely! It looks absolutely lovely!! *more applause*

You know, if you had just flexed your claws into his head, that picture would have taken on an entirely different look. ;)