Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An almost perfect day

I have a new box, a big bright red tomato on the side. I have my green tartan blanket which i'm just arranging into a comfy shape. And I've pasted my photo of Richard Madeley and Moi on the outside of my box. What I need to do though, is find a permanent home for this precious artefact, and I need to house it in a good frame so that is doesnt become dog-eared -perish the thought.

Dolly has just bashed me over the head claiming (an outrageous slander) that I have purloined or otherwise misappropriated her ping pong ball (I haven't, which I told her,) then she asked accusingly.
"Who did then?"
Lilly did, but i'm not informing; the only thing I do with grass is purely medicinal, I swear!
So normal relations have been resumed! But we were in danger of becoming The Waltons -the elation over The BBA must have made us both sentimental.

Bloomin blanket if I could only..., just..., nearly... If I could only just get it to.. .Nearly... Nearly perfect. Just get that wrinkle out... Now make a little rise for my head.. .Thats it then. Done. A good box, a nicely arranged blanket, an autographed photo of Mr R Madeley.
"Ferd?" Dolly!

Almost perfect...

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Maia said...

Ooooh, nice box! Looks deep, sturdy, not likely to tip over when it by a flying cat.

I've got to have a word with She-who-would-wish-to-be-obeyed!