Friday, February 03, 2006

The cat amongst the pigeons

I've tested my paw in the water of my home, a little less chilly? I snuck home, my box is bereft of it's blanket (did they think I'd vacated permanently? gotten squished under some black rubber wheel?) I'm sure when they realize I am not missing they will be very pleased to see my ginger being but I have only encountered Dolly and big Lil. Susan (female human of the household) will be much relieved that I am back in her life, but Martin (Male human of the household) may not be so pleased. So I have connived a plan. I will bribe him.

My present accommodation is seething with rodents of the Roland type. I will present Martin with the gift of a grey fur being. Which should persuade him what a generous kind-hearted cat I really am. Last time I cleverly dropped a surprise shrew in his wellie boot, and his joyous shouts could be heard from quite some distance, Jed the black and white moggy from number 23 said he'd heard these screams, reckoned someone was being murdered. I soon put him right, he's going to try it as soon as he can find a shrew and the wellies are available. He's had a bit of a run of bad luck: first a shrew then there was no wellie, then the wellies were placed just inside the door and just near the cat flap but alas no shrew was to be located, Ok so shrews aren't very nice tasting but humans eat allsorts of unpleasant things: Lemons! Pepper!! Dear oh dear! So a shrew is good but a rat will I hope be better.

Today in the news there is much hysteria about an Islamic cartoon or rather a cartoon about Islam. Islamists are no longer going to eat Danish pastries well I suppose that's one way of keeping the weight off. In England humans are not allowed guns which I've always thought a good thing I mean surprising as it must seem there are some humans who are very bigoted in their opinions and further would actually like to cause harm to ginger fur balls such as my good self. But with all this high dudgeon concerning said cartoon we could be raining pigeons, which I may add are a very fine meat, I don't really understand why all the guns are pointed upwards and the pigeons cop it, metaphoric infidels?

Anyway the beeb didn't show the picture of this now infamous cartoon, which I thought rather odd, but corrected itself later and now has protests outside its door. Now in my humble opinion. No I'll rephrase that in my opinion. No I still don't like that, I may change that later. But anyway if there is a god and he/she invented, made or created the world there can only be one. So no matter then (a rose by any other name) which road is taken to reach that god. Seems to me, as an observer of the human condition, there are spiritual and good people all across this planet and there are also horrible evil people across the planet serving their beliefs religious or otherwise to whichever of those characters best fits them. In Europe there is no law or belief that prohibits representational art and it has been a part of the European culture to lambast, lampoon, mimic, poke fun, satirize and be generally horrible to whosoever, and the higher up the position of power the more urine will be removed. This cartoon took place in Europe under that belief structure, so you don't like it tough (retaliate with a really funny joke) or you do great. I haven't seen the cartoon -every bodies still pussyfooting, it's on the news, it's not on the news , and I keep missing it, when it's on I'm out, when I'm in It's off, so I don't know if It's funny or not. But air guns are allowed in England so may be pigeon pie could be on the menu after all..

"I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say it."

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