Saturday, February 18, 2006

Richard and Judy, and me.

Well that's it I'm officially famous! My name was mentioned on The Richard and Judy Show ( Friday 17th Feb) I am, as I write a household name. Richard was introducing an article about pet cemeteries and he said "for all Ferdi's friends." Well he did correct himself by saying,
"Freudian slip."
I, Ferdinand, Ferdi to my nearest and dearest, have reached and touched the deepest recesses of Richard Madeleys psyche. I am so proud that a man of his caliber should be such a devoted reader of my blog that I have embedded myself into his subconscious. I think though when he said Freudian slip he was just doing it to cover himself, he really (kind man that he his,) has given me free advertising so that others may know of Ferdinand the Fantastic feline.

This is a great competition for those humans with special cats and like to write, unfortunately there isn't a category for special cats who also write so I am disbarred, but I still appreciate that this will allow other felines to show off their skills via their human house mates.

Cat owners with a good 'tail' to tell about their fave feline have until 12 May to enter one of the award's four categories:

Hero Cat - Cats that save the day!
Brave rescue feline, Felix, proved he was the ultimate 'Hero Cat' when he alerted his celebrity owners, TV design duo Justin and Colin, to a potentially fatal house fire.
Ultimate Survivor - Tales of feline survival after those nine lives have been spent.
Best Friends - Where a best furry friend has radically improved the quality of human life.

For more information and an entry form, please visit or e-mail Alternatively please call +44-(0)8702-099-099.

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Tallullah said...

We adore this blog! We are not actually allowed up on the table or near the computer but no one was looking, so we went fishing... wait, that's not right... surfing? Yes, that's it! We discovered your blog and just had to leave a comment. If we can, we'll be back!
~ Maia, Sasha, Miguel and Spunky, from Canada.