Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Felix, R.I.P

Sad news to report today: The garden nursery cat is no more. I didn't know him by name but he was a polite fellow who I knew enough just to say hello, nice day, etc . The last time I saw him -apart from this the very last time- was just after Christmas, he was carrying the roasted remains of that honourable American bird the turkey in his big black jaws. Today he was folded up and his beautiful black velvet fur was mud soaked and rain sodden. He had just been able to drag himself to the sanctuary of a front garden that nears the nursery, he may of struggled because the ground around him was scratched up and the grass compressed in a radius around him forming a halo of tangled green leaves. His right paw was reaching to his head, I hope not to conceal the newly wrought ugliness that was now his face -his right eye pushed from its socket and this side of his once handsome face torn and ripped, a bloody pulped mess of fur, bone and brain- but rather to hide this mess so that we who knew him would remember him for who he was, the handsome dude who shared his life with baby plants and the plantsmen. I didn't know his name so I shall call him by his proper name: Felix, R.I.P

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Tallullah said...

How very sad. :(