Friday, February 17, 2006

George Galloway libels Ferdinand

Iv'e just read my last post -pretty bad, I'm rambling, just goes to show what a state I was in. I was considering deleting it but I decided against it. It may be rubbish but it is a reflection of my condition on that day. How I managed to write any thing at all just shows my grit, stamina and determination.

Good news I'm back under my glass ceiling. Life has returned to normal...

Just because I wrote a slightly critical piece about George Galloway he has struck back at me using a national publication; The Sun. I quote.

And just in case you're wondering what the Respect MP has been up to since he came out of the house, the Sun pictures him emerging from a tanning salon in south London.

And as a reminder of the infamous moment when he pretended to be a cat, it wonders what colour his tan's going to be...Ginger Tom, maybe?

Ok so my name wasn't mentioned but is there another famous ginger tom who casts his critical over the human condition? No! This is just so sly, everyone knows who is meant but are they brave enough to name me? no.

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