Monday, January 30, 2006

The hunting of the ginger tom cat

Humph, I am sure I have fleas! It's those rats I'm sharing my accommodation with, well ok not sharing, I have imposed my furry ginger being. I'd like to be back home, I'd like to see the stars under my glass ceiling. But my nuts are not an option. Dolly has informed me that Martin is cross with me -crosser I would say. I mentioned he'd been knackered, I should apparently have said vasectomy, I made him sound
"Like a castrato!"
My point exactly. Dolly (sweet persona, character of a camel) has said I'm chauvinistic, my blog demonstrates this. I said this is my diary keep your paws off and your nose out. She continued, "It's not that you're just ginger" she purred,
"but, It is only about ginger cats,and she continued,
"ginger cats are notoriously male."
"What do you mean notorious?"
"Well female ginger cats are an aberration, so you have excluded 50% of the feline species. I mean." she said, as if all utterances were now particularly wearying and licking her claws, held her paw to her eyes studying non existent grime, and washed the already clean paw, clean.
"You are writing as a ginger cat, -well you are ginger so that is something that can't be helped. But you have chosen to write only about ginger cats or related ginger cat articles thereby excluding the female feline."
"Can't be helped!" I mewed?
I really appreciated her showing up and she did bring a piece of a bacon rind...
"but this is my blog and it's my rules."
"That may be," she hissed
"But that is not the argument the debate is whether it's chauvinistic?"
"No," I said "Because I'm writing about me, my autobiography, with illustrations of other ginger coated felines." She was quiet, I ate my bacon rind.
"chauvanist!" she wailed as her stripey behind vanished over a broken fence rail.

Anyway a ginger cat has been immortalized in a painting. (Getting back to the important matter of my and I repeat MY blog.)

"Ron always puts something quirky in his paintings that causes you to think," Divine says. In "Assez Vif," that quirky element is a ginger-colored cat who creates chaos, tipping the table and spilling the bowl of fruit as it leaps into the painting. "I chose the moment when things are about to break loose," the South Bend artist says. "Then I put these other elements in the piece to give it a little intrigue."

Mind you, what is quirky about that? Anyway the next story.

Residents in Bradford Peverell, Dorset, saw hounds from the Cattistock Hunt run wild for 20 minutes on Thursday before a huntsman arrived to take control. The Countryside Alliance said the hunt was "acting entirely within the law". Villager Deborah Carrington said she was horrified as 20 hounds chased her terrified ginger cat Leo down the street. She said: "The hounds were everywhere, all over my garden and my neighbour's garden. It was just bedlam."

Poor Leo! May I just say a very fine name for a ginger cat (though not as classy as Ferdinand) I do hope he has fully recovered from the shock. I didn't realize it was legal to chase ginger cats with a pack of hounds, I wonder if it's some ancient byelaw, and is it just gingers cats or can all colour coats be hunted? I'd hazard a guess and say definitely the British blue is not the hunters' permissible prey.

I was going to say something about the whale who got lost in London, but because she has since sadly died shall just say how nice it was to see all these humans working so hard to rescue her. Are all humans schizophrenic? One minute they're attacking ginger cats the next the banks of the Thames are lined with well-wishers to our large foreign visitor. Curious?!

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