Friday, June 01, 2007

Big Lil thinking outside the box whilst her head's inside!

Ferdinand has hunted a box of Kentucky fried chicken. He and Lil are partaking of the ill-gotten goods on the front room rug. Gross. I can hear them from here, lip smacking and it's not good!

"That's my bit. You have that bit. That's mine and that and that." That's big Lil.
"I captured it; I'd quite like to taste it. And I don't just want the herby coating.
Lil stop eating and get your paw off the box. That's the box you're eating there Lil." And that whine is Ferdinand.

"You'd think Dolly would appreciate this feast."
"Have you saved her any?"
"Saved Dolly any?"
"No. She can have the box."
"Good idea saves us cleaning up."
"Saves us clearing up."
"Certainly does save on the washing up. A take away saves on washing up so it must be good for the environment. We, Ferd are saving the planet while we eat!"
"Interesting idea that Lil. You certainly know how to think outside the box."

"Oh excuse me."
"In some cultures that's considered polite."
"It's considered polite to expel wind."
"But not Lil, from that end!"

"Oh well that's me done, feasted and fattened. I'm going out for my constitutional. And a breathe of fresh air...

Ferdinand: With big Lil thinking outside the box whilst her head's inside!

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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

They had KFC and only left you the box? How rude!