Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dolly: investigative reporter extraordinaire.

Finally I get to use the keyboard. Ferdinand is out and about. Big Lil is asleep. So I can now publish my article on the water throwing Mrs Bigginbottom.
It goes like this...

We arrive and Electra is waiting. She really is incredibly beautiful, what she sees in Ferdinand -the bright orange fur ball- I've no idea.

"Dolly," she cooed "how very lovely to see you." and rubs me on both sides of the nose.
"Are you coming with us?"
"No I'm here in my journalistic capacity. Reporting the goings and comings of the Mrs Bigginbottom."
"Higginbottom! Higginbottom!" Ferdinand grumpily interrupts.
"No but she does have a very bigginbottom," Electra laughed, "How exciting can I help?"
"Oh no."
"What did you say Ferdinand?"
"He mumbles."
"Really I didn't know that."
"Ferdinand what did you say?"
"See he does that, you know he's said something then he just says, nothing."
"I hadn't noticed before, but yes Dolly you're right. He does do that."
"There are lots more about him you don't know."
"Is there?"
"Excuse me I..."
"Interrupts when you are talking."
"I do..."
"Never finishes a sentence."
"Electra shall we...?"

"I think we should help Dolly we weren't doing anything special and she may need us."
"Oh streuth."
"See mumbling again."
"Yes I see what you mean, funny how I hadn't noticed."

Mrs Bigginbottom is on the sofa. She is waiting for her lover. On her lap is a photograph.
"You’re just like my father!!!" she trills. -An ironic statement if ever there was one- And kisses the image before returning it to her leather folder. It's 6.15 in the evening, her kids are fed and watered and she picks up her mobile and asks:
"Where are you? Can you talk?!!!..."
To be continued...

Dolly: investigative reporter extraordinaire.

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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Well, now we are intree, entri, intrie, um, furry interested.