Monday, June 04, 2007

Ferdinand not thinking about yellow wallpaper.

I have a new box! It must be the plainest box on the planet, a puritan of a box. This calls for a spot of decorating.

I shall of course. In pride of place have Richard Madeley’s photograph in the silver antique frame. (I'm not putting it on Ebay I've decided, it’s just too valuable!) But my bacon rind is a must go Ebay item. Anyway I digress.

I need some wallpaper. This box is a blank canvas, which is the one and only good thing about this boring bland beige box. Now I have a tartan blanket a pink blanket or blue blanket. Not the tartan 'cos then I think the walls will have to be plain. Pink no. The man from auntie doesn't like pink so... Blue it is. Decisions! I am just so incisive. Dolly dithers. Females eh!

Wallpaper. Complimentary or tonal?. Complimentary. I like yellow. Sunshine. Summer. Warmth. So now where will I find yellow wallpaper. I'll just let my mind drift...

Not concentrate and let my brain solve the problem without me attending to it. This what creative types do and I'm a creative who types so it shouldn't be a problem.

I'll just let my mind empty of all thoughts of yellow wallpaper.

Creative type anagram= carpet I've yet (to have) private etc, ye (will not sleep in my box Dolly) and not concern myself with the box and a certain colour.

How do you stop thinking of yellow wallpaper when that's what you're trying not to think about?

I know I'll write an article in my journal. I'll write about my new box. Nothing that's going to cause consternation or upset any being. It'll be so boring my mind will wander on to solving the great wallpaper challenge. Stop me thinking about wallpaper and the shade there of.

I have a new box! It must be the plainest box...

Ferdinand: a creative who types!

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