Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ferdinand's big idea! The photograph challenge

ferdinand's head
"What you doing Ferd?"
"I have an idea..."
"Well you better get writing that is newsworthy."
".... so I'm taking photos."
"Let me see."
" You can do this too."
"It is a record of we felines, a document and archive. It is the world as we see it. Not of us in sinks and wearing silly hats."
"I've taken my photo and now you take yours."
"Ok, a picture of what I see now?"

"Lil won't be able to do it."
"She would."
" You'd only have a picture of the back of the sofa."
"That, oh striped, one is the point."

"Is there just a hint of sarcasm in your tone."
"But anyway what if all my chums around the world took a snap at the same time on the same day?"
"It wouldn't work."
"Why, oh striped one?"
"Because half the world will be asleep!"
"Local time, at 5pm for example wherever you are and whatever you are doing you snap a snap. Just got to choose the day."

susan's feet
"How come you get a picture of yourself on your journal?"
"'Cos that is what you were looking at, me!"
"But that is only 'cos you said take the photo and I was looking at you."
"Well it is whatever you are looking at."
"See here's the snap I took."
"Yep I was on Susan's (female human of the house-hold) lap and this is what I was seeing."
"I don't think this is very exciting, feet and a great big ginger head."
"No the feet aren't interesting, but the head very very photogenic -you do take a very good picture- but anyway the photo is a record of what I was looking at so I'll know that at 5 o'clock I was having my ears rubbed while sitting on Susan's lap. A historic document cats year and years from now will..."

Ferdinand archivist


Anonymous said...

lovely feet, and so well manicured.

Ferdinand said...

Feet, FEET! what about the handsome ginger portrait?
Have you no taste?
Mmmm, obviously someone with a foot fetish. Probably has corns, bunions canker (no that's something in the ear) well anyway someone who has ugly feet syndrome. So there.
I hope I'm not going to besieged with perverts who want a cheap kick from Susan's feet.

The Meezers said...

The Ginger pikshur is lovely. taking pikshurs at the same time on the same day sounds like a really good idea Ferdinand! Just tell us what day and what time.

viv said...

Neither nature nor art could
make you more perfect than you are.
The pleasant curves and taste of
your body are implanted in my
Mind forever.

Like a lost soul I wander in a
Daze searching for happiness
which I will never find.

But as long as I have you in
my mind, I live in hope that our
paths will one day cross and
my heart can once again unwind.

Till the next time
I say goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a good idea! What day? What Day?!?

Gledwood said...

I bet Ferdinand would like to play with my pet mousey...
Just wanted to say I love your blog... v entertaining.
All the best,

Ferdinand said...

Thank you Gledwood -play with mousie I don't think so! last time I had anything to do with Mickies I was a candidate for rhinolasty.

Liam Tell said...

Extraordinary. Perfect. My screen saver.