Friday, August 04, 2006

The Tesco carrier bag recycling plot.

Tesco is introducing a policy to reuse plastic carrier bags. Tesco will give a point for every carrier bag reused, it doesnt even have to be a Tesco bag. I'm going hunting and gathering bags. I'm very experienced in the skill of rummaging in bins and skips. With my earned clubcard points I will have salmon steaks and tuna steaks; turkey thighs and chicken breasts; some cream, evaporated milk for Lil, prawns for Dolly; delivered to my door, ordered via the internet. MMMMMMM Dustbins here I come.

Ferdinand: the green recycler.

"There is a flaw in your fraudulent daydreams, Ferdinand."
"And what is that oh striped one?"
"You did not read the small print."
"I did actually..."
"Not that I don't appreciate your thought of prawn gifts..."
"...but I don't know anybody who isn't seduced by my ginger charms - for I Ferdinand, am the most handsome Ginger cat - one meow from me and the checkout operators will be throwing bags at me! I could become a millionaire, a fat cat, the carrier bag king recyc..."
"Ferdinand you really ought to get out and meet more people...!"


Tesco will award Clubcard points to people who recycle old carriers or pack up their shopping in other bags.
Points will be awarded to shoppers who re-use old plastic bags - even those from rival chains - or bring other bags into store.

Checkout staff will use their discretion in deciding how many Clubcard points to give out.

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