Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ferdinand ginger cat and Schrodinger's wanted cat poster

Staring out into the night and howling Lil woke the whole household in the early hours. The other side of the patio doors was a rangy adolescent tabby tomcat staring in. I came to her aide, ok side, and for my pains received a right hook across my face. And no that tabby is not coming in (A kitten trying to fill a tomcat's paws!) Besides, I am the only tabby in the village...!

Ferdinand's box is still empty. I jumped into it today. His blue wool blanket is just how he left it. It smells of Ferdinand. Under the fold near where his head would have lain, an old bacon rind, crisp and dry, a little snack put by for later a habit hard to break I suppose when you know hunger. This box is an old box he has had it for months on the outside hangs his photo taken with Richard Madeley in a silver frame. A tuft of ginger fur clings to the blanket.

This is a wanted poster. Ok, it's a poster of Schrodinger's cat but the model is Ferdinand -profile and full face- it's black and white but just a imagine a ginger blob and that is Ferdinand ginger tomcat, missing, not wanted, but as no one else wants you you may as well get back in your box. There that should sort it. Making me worry he could email! Great ginger twit.

Should I offer a reward? Ferdinand's not worth anything; a bacon rind half chewed is hardly going to bring a rush of informers but there is his silver frame with his Richard Madeley photo -but if/when Ferdinand ginger cat returns (I'll box his ears) he'll really miss it, it's the only thing he's got 'cos he doesn't even really live here, just lodges.


Bonnie Underfoot said...

Dolly, I suspect yur beans want to find Ferdi, efun if you've got mixed feelins. Haf they done anyfing useful? You might haf to remind them to show his picture to ofur beans an ask if anyone has seen him. Haf you looked in Schrodinger's box?

Dolly THE Tabby said...

Beans? what beans, I don't eat beans!
Looking in Schrodinger's box won't help 'cos Mr Schro' couldn't work out if his cat was alive or dead, and if he doesn't know and Ferdinand was in his box I wouldn't know if he were alive or dead or in fact even there. I think...