Friday, September 14, 2007

The ten cat commandments on tablet taking.

Big Lil. Well the not so big Lil. The skinny Lil. The vet has phoned, -he has confirmed his diagnosis- has Hyperthyroidism.
She has to take two tablets a day. And then hopefully if she manages to regain some strength and some body weight she will be able to have an operation.

When Lil is awake I shall advise her on the art of taking pills.

The ten cat commandments on tablet taking.
  1. Never 'just' take a pill even though you know it will make you better.
  2. Scream blue murder if an attempt is made to force a pill through clamped jaws, then shake, roll your eyes, hide for 12 hours (somewhere warm and cosy like the back of the wardrobe on Martin’s cashmere jumper.) and then don’t turn up for tea.
  3. Make out that the human being is no longer your best friend; allow no cuddles and/or ear rubs.
  4. The objective of the above is treats and the self-sacrifice will be worth it in the end. (No pain no gain.)
  5. Treats. The pill is going to be ‘hidden’ in some wonderful tempting morsel. You have to act you don’t know this!
  6. Don’t gobble the morsel straight away. Locate the tablet.
  7. Hide tablet under tongue.
  8. At the moment you’re told how good you’ve been (the timing is very important because the human being must be led to believe that it nearly worked and will want to try again) spit it out.
  9. This therefore will be repeated and instead of just one tasty titbit there will be two.
  10. And finally take tablet because you do want to get better.
You may be given another treat as a reward for good behaviour -or the said human is feeling rotten and or guilty and this helps them feel better.- A win win situation. You get treats, take the medication to improve your health and have assisted your human being to feel good about themselves. We cats are just too altruistic. But...

A word of caution: I advise only at aiming for a maximum of three treats with pill spitting after that the human being is likely to give up and the jaw clamping and force feeding will begin in earnest and the option of treats will be withdrawn!

Ferdinand: More than just an ism.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Poor Lil, with your advice on pill taking (3 treats is a good number) she should be feeling better and gaining some weight in no time. We would recommend running and hiding at pill time but since Lil can't hear or see it coming that isn't a choice. We'll be purring and purraying for her...

Ferdinand said...

Thank you Zippy, Speedy and Sadie, I shall pass on your good advice to Lil.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

We've been worrying about Lil. At least they know what is wrong, and how to treat it.

Don't forget, though. When your beans are struggling to get these pills down Big Lil, the rest of you have to stand around waiting for your treats.

Hey, if Big Lil's getting treats, the rest of you should get treats, too, right?