Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ism in cats 589,000 entries.

Lil’s asleep on the sofa...

A man she said, slit her throat and sexual assaulted her with a thermometer. Just wait I’ll get my paws on him, beast, pervert.

“Lilly has an ism.”
“An ism?”
“Oh no. Blimey.. Not an ism, An ism. Tell me it isn’t an ism."
“That’s what she said an ism."
"Lil’s got an ism, An ism. Oh no. An ism...."

"That man is going to phone Susan later to confirm his diagnosis...
Then we’ll know whether she definitely has an ism or not."
"Hope it’s not."
"What ?"
"Hope it’s not an ism."
"Me too."

"Ferd what is an ism?"
"Well it’s er um thingy, disease sort of thingy."
"Oh right , I see. "

"How do you spell ism?"
I’m going to google it. Just to make sure we’re talking about the same ism as that veterinary's ism."
"Good idea..."

Um! Ism in cats 589,000 entries.

Entry no: 589,000: Gosh
Entry no: 588,999: Oh no
Entry no: 588,998: Oh that’s not true.
Entry no: 588,997: Oh poor Lil
Entry no: 588,996: Oh my goodness
Entry no: 588,995: Er disgusting
Entry no: 588,994: Humph
Entry no: 588,993:......
Entry no: 588,996:......

Ferdinand: Googling an ism


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Let us know what an ism is when yoo find out...that's a lotta entries to go thru...are yoo done yet?

Ferdinand said...

entry no: 232,756: yuk
entry no: 232,755:.....