Friday, September 21, 2007

Lil is going bald.

Lil is going bald. Another blood test this time on her leg. So that's her neck and her leg hairless. But she came home from the vet wearing a very natty style of bandage. The vet reckoned she would remove it herself with an hour. 24 hours later and it's still adorning her wrist.
Lil's promised when she's finished wearing it I can have it. It's long enough to wear round my head. A bandanna -a ginger bandanna with paw prints- just like the gangs. The ginger gang. The black paw boys. Oh yes I shall be well hard, man!
You lookin' at me? Know what I mean? Wicked in it? Slap the bitch up.

"Cripes. Yes oh striped one."
"Don't forget to write that Lil's gained weight."
"I'm doing that."
"And her heart rate has slowed?"
"What about the hemorrhaging in her eyes."
"Yes just about to write that: the bleeds are stopping and her sight may improve."

Ferdinand: gang leader!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, this is all such wonderful news. See, we knew she would not just be "gotten rid of". The humans that love us will pretty much do all but murder (and perhaps even that) to keep us healthy and with them.

Sasha, Miguel and Spunky said...

We haven't been around much and thought we'd check in today when, to our dismay, we read about Lil.

We are enormously happy to know she is improving. Please give her our love. We'd send her fresh catnip if we were allowed to use the credit card, but we're not. Just know we are thinking of you all.

Hang in there Lil!