Friday, October 06, 2006

Jack Straw, face veils and Butch

Jack Straw has opened a debate on the wearing of face veils. I believe that what we wear -a turquoise diamante collar with leopard print trim and a cardboard box on our heads- is absolutely nothing to do with any government! However, these face veils I do not like or comprehend, they lump all human females into one amorphous lump called woman onto which any opinion of that sex can be projected. From countries where one man's opinion in court counts for twice that of a woman's this item of clothing only emphasises that bias.

Unless of course, all these women are irresistibly beautiful and are in danger of being jumped on as soon as they leave their homes, this is unlikely to be true, not that I'm casting aspersions on their appearance- well I couldn't could I? Not with a veil on it- but it seems the human male of that tribe has the problem if he can't contain himself every time a woman walks by who's not swathed in acres of fabric. The sexual thoughts after all are in his head not hers!

This has everything to do with testosterone of which I know much about. I Ferdinand ginger tomcat, am the exception to this rule, but most males, drugged up to the eyeballs with this hormone, are regardless of appearance, age, intellect or anything remotely to do with attractiveness, is in his own eyes, god's special gift to the female of the species.

Butch is an example I shall give for this delusion. Butch was 24 years of age -that was how old he was when he went to the cat house in the sky; he was a full, intact male. He had one tooth, frayed ears and his fur was falling out. He was never handsome not even in his younger days but to himself he was what all females were waiting - their chance with The Butch. Now if Butch were to have worn a cardboard box I could see an advantage for him. Because Butch had some talent as a mouser could be funny and had his own shed, so he had some attractive points unfortunately, none of them were in the physical department. So, a box with holes for eyes would have revealed his good points and concealed his bad. But not if every other male has to do it, I Ferdinand, am not rich in worldly possessions but I have been blessed in the good looks stakes, me wearing a box would be just another cat in a box. No advantage to me at all, because and especially I am Ferdinand ginger cat and any old tabby could say they were ginger, even heaven forbid, Dolly!

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