Sunday, February 04, 2007

Richard Madeley is back on the box

I’ve not been at all well!
Had terrible flu.
Haven't been out of my box for a week!
All my best-laid plans for the hunting of the lucky rabbits foot are gone asunder.


"You have not had flu! you sneezed a couple of times most likely from Susan moving the dust around - you know that thing she does, calls it housework."
"It was flu, definitely flu. Probably avian flu I could keel over at any second."
"Well it could be avian flu I suppose."
"See knew you'd have to agree in the end."
"It could be avian flu 'cos you are a great big chicken -Roland rabbit is still a quadruped! Coward."
"I was too ill to go out."
"It's not healthy to lay around all day!"
"It's flu, it's not supposed to be healthy!"
"And that Barbie pink blanket you're laying around on is toooooo much Ferdinand in short you clash. I get a headache just from looking at you. "

"Don'"t look."
"Nothing, just cleared my throat you know what it's like when you're all bunged up."
"Anyway just thought you'd like to know Richard Madeley's back on the telly."
"What? When? Why didn't you tell me?"
"'Cos you're not well and you need your rest!"
"Could have put my blanket on the sofa."
"No, we don’t want your germs and avian flu is dangerous you better stay in isolation for the foreseeable future."

And Dolly gave the one tail flick salute and left my conservatory.

Hmm. It is getting rather boring in this box and this blanket although very soft, pink is rather girlie....
I know. A change of plan. I'll look for a four-leaf clover – It'll mean waiting to the spring but I'm patient that's the sign of a great hunter. And with Richard Madeley back on the box I feel my lucks beginning to change. I may not even need a good luck symbol...

Ferdinand feeling better already.


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Greetings from one blogging cat to another!

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