Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ferdinand and the problems of censorship.


I've decided that our Doll can write her gossip column, which is a big decision 'cos it means I'll have to act as censor - and I don't believe in censorship. A contradiction, I know. Why is everything so difficult?

It is so much easier, I reckon to view the world in black and white. I have explained that Richard Madeley and my good ginger self is out of bounds: what passes between him and me is sacrosanct, - but his skin has taken on a distinctive orange tone...

Oh, yes I am influential.
Where I go others can only follow.

Anyway I am flattered that Richard is turning orange, -a subliminal acknowledgment of my influence. BUT I wonder what Dolly -unlike me who rubs shoulders with the rich and the famous -will write about...?

Ferdinand : in the predicament of acting censor.

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