Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ferdinand's relationship with Richard Madeley

Ferdinand is not good looking he's just a big head, a big ginger head. His relationship with Richard Madeley is a can of pilchards.I have never been introduced to Richard Madeley, makes me wonder if Ferdinand has something to hide...

It's Richard this and Richard that. He's a name dropper, and Richard Madeley has never invited him on the Richard and Judy show. He does have his photograph though -in the silver antique frame , but that could be a publicity photo.

Ferdinand says I can write my gossip column -ooh THANKS- but his friendship with Richard is off the agenda, perhaps he doesn't want my enquiring mind to enquire. I might turn up something, something fishy about his friendship.

So cods heads to you Ferdinand I am going to publish.

Written by Dolly: Editor.

Censored by Ferdinand: The bigot!

"I'm nit a bigot."

"You're right you are a nit."

"I'm not a bigot."

"Are, are, are."


I knew the first thing Dolly would gossip about in her column was Richard Madeley.

Ferdinand: telepathically talented.

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Mr T Bair said...

It's very illiberal of you Ferdinand!