Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ferdinand, keeping grounded

Big Lil was sitting in a puddle of water, in the rain. A well placed paw kept the cat flap from opening. Lil dripped.

Susan banged on the window but Lil -deaf- sat on. "Dolly!" Susan shouted as the reason for Lil's sodden plight was revealed but Dolly the stroppey stripy strumpet wouldn't shift even when prodded with a green pompomed slipper.

So Susan came through my conservatory forcing the door -sticking resolutely to my New Years resolution of keeping the door locked- with the very same slipper that couldn't move Dolly.

"Oh Ferdi you been locked in? Lil locked out and you in!" And she waved her arms up and down so big Lil would notice.
"At least you won't get locked in again Ferd that old bolt is broken now."

Which means...
"Go away."
"I wish you'd stop mumbling."
"How can I be of help oh striped one?"
"What you doing?"
"Wow Ferd we're flying."
"...And this Doll Is where I was born and that yellow pin is Gert's house. There's the sea and the lime trees..."
"Where's the rest of the sea?"
"I'll just pull out."
"Not so fast Ferd it's making me feel a bit giddy."
"Then zoom back in."
"Slower Ferd, I'm beginning to feel seasick- airsick."
"Or we can zoom right up like an astronaut."
"Go round and round and round."
"Ferd I'm really getting queasy."
"And you can go faster in and out, and out and in, and round and about."
"Groan, eucckkkkkkk wrrruck..."
"Err Doll! Well at least you missed the keyboard!"

ferdinand on google

Ferdinand: famous astronaut and international pilot –keeping grounded by cleaning up after airsick passengers!


Anonymous said...

Watching that google earth thing wif mom makes us dizzy too. Sadie fell off the table the last time we flew Google air.

Anonymous said...

oh yoo shud takey some airsick pills afore gettin on google air