Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ferdinand: the battle of the sexes

"What you doing?"
"Wasn't that door locked?"
"Yep, came in through the window."
"Must remember to close window."
"You're mumbling!"
"No I'm not!"
"What you doing?"
"I am pondering and planning?"
"Impossible for a boy to do two things at once, that's why they're trainspotters."
"Trainspotters! I'm not going to ask what you're talking about because I'm busy and I don’t want to hear the answer."
"That's ok!"

"What d'ya mean trainspotters?"
"And psychopaths and stamp collectors."
"A psychopathic trainspotting stamp collector?"
"Could only be male!"

"Anyway I am planning, plotting my course and pondering the pursuit of a lucky rabbits foot."
"There is a flaw in your plan."
"And what is that oh striped one."
"They are all attached to his body."

"That's where the planning and thought comes in."
"Don't tell me you are going to request Raymond -rabid psycho rabbit- donate a foot to the FERDI good luck quest."

"It's because you're a girl you can't see the bigger picture!"

"Because males focus is singular, to the exclusion of all other information at a given time..."
"You've been on weblopedia again."
"May have."

"And 'cos your mind is on rabbit hunting you can't concentrate on anything else... Like the fact your backside is resting on a cactus!"

"Dolly would you help me get these thorns out of my bum!"
"Keep still."
"Ooh, Ouch."
"Stop wriggling."
"Ooh ouch ooh ouch, ouch ooh."
"Ferdinand! I haven't started yet."
"OW OUCOOOOOOOch! ooooooh!"
"Now I have."
"Think of something else."
"I can't, oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!"
"See! Typical boy."
"Grrrrrrrrrrr irl!"

Ferdinand: the battle of the sexes

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Anonymous said...

ferdie a sissy aint he dolly. yoo should call him that furum now on if he wont be quiet while yur helping him. schmabye put a sockie in his mouff furst. then pull owt the thurns.