Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ferdinand: in need of male liberation.

"I know why you’re not writing anything political anymore Ferdinand!"
" Mmmm."
"You listening to me?"
"Raymond psycho rabbit is in the garden!"

"I said I know why you're not writing anything political anymore Ferdinand! It's 'cos you're writing on the BBC forum!"
"I am writing to the forum yes."
"And it's illegal."
"You're not allowed to pretend to be someone else."
"I gave them my full name, Ferdinand Felidae."
"You didn't tell them you were a cat; and a ginger cat to boot."
"I ticked all the boxes! There wasn't one marked tick here if you are a ginger cat."
"'spect it's all your bonkers political ideas no sensible being could agree with."

"I'm a liberal!"
"A libertine!"
"And a libertarian."
"A librarian."

"Nothing just add libbing!"

Ferdinand: in need of male liberation.


Anonymous said...

The cat of this house has some comments to make, but due to her lack of typing skills right now has commanded for her housemaid/butler/servant to type for her:

"Hi Ferdinand! My name is Magic Nut, and I am tickled that you are political, too. I am also an add libbing liberal librarian, myself. I was also abandoned as a kitten with my sisters in a bucket when we were 10 days old, so I can sympathize with your telephone box situation. We're all happy and healthy now, though, so it's good. Well, it was lovely reading about you, if you're ever bored and feel like hunting jingly balls together, drop me a line!"

-- maid/butler/servant takes no responsibility for the contents of this response.

Anonymous said...

Girl-cats can be such pain sometimes. My Sister Persephone WOULD have everycat believe I'm a big scaredy-cat because I don't like climbing stuff, but I'm NOT, I just don't LIKE climbing. I'm a giant cat, and climbing's not easy!

You hang in there Ferdinand!