Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ferdinand ginger cat and the amazing dancing balls

I went on a quest, a quest to find new box. If something can't be found anywhere else then Knees is the place to go, Knees is an old department store, not a chain but a family based business that's been based in the town for over a hundred twenty five years. And that is the place I would begin my quest...

At the rear of the shop is the service entrance; stacked up are cardboard boxes sadly but neatly flattened and forming towers of cardboard. No good to me, I need a box shaped box. There were mansions of boxes with pictures of washing machines on the sides, wonderful, but they were stuffed with smaller flattened boxes and too heavy to shift. Not to worry something would turn up!

Venturing further, piled up right against the back wall was a jumble of boxes, paper and card. I could not see anything suitable but I was sure there would be something in that stack. Umm thats quite nice a bit small though. No good -I don't like the pattern on the side. No -that one has a dent. More crumpled paper, some corrugated paper, bits of string, ooo bubble wrap! I'll just push on a bit further still.

A stuffed plastic bag, great texture feels granular a bit like cat litter but warmer, I'll just give it the Ferdi stomp, left paw up, right paw down, right paw up, left paw down. In my rapture, I inadvertently punctured the bag! Well actually I pierced it in several places I just hadn't noticed until all these little white balls jumped out.

The more I tried to brush them off the more they stuck, the more they stuck the more I rubbed. I leapt from the pile and all the little balls jumped along with me, my very own shadow of jumping polystyrene balls. As I walked a column of bouncing balls followed in my wake. It was fantastic. I moved left, and a couple of sparks later everything fell into the Ferdi conger line of ginger cat and balls. I moved to the right... and hello? there's one little ball not playing along, I jumped on it gave it a quick rub and the balls in a frenzy of excitement regrouped and synchronised with my dance moves.ferdinand ginger cat with friction balls

"You put your left paw in, your left paw out
In out, in out, you shake it all about
You do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around
That's what it's all about
Whoa-o the Hokey Cokey
Whoa-o the Hokey Cokey
Whoa-o the Hokey Cokey "

And all the balls joined in. I had quite forgotten where I was and this was a secret mission until... "What the bloody hell," emanated from a male human wearing large black boots and a dark blue uniform.
I stopped singing and just blinked through the blur of balls.
"What you done to yourself? You all stuck up mate? Lets give you a hand. Dunno why you came in 'ere anyway nothing ere for you. Come on let me brush you off and you can go on 'ome. Wish I had me camera wimme. (This was obviously a man of exquisite taste to recognize my superior feline qualities so quickly -though he was wearing a polyester suit!)

As soon as I got near him, all my coordinated rhythmic balls switched allegiance and leapt to their very newest chum Mr security guards trouser legs. Bereft of my dancing partners I padded homewards box less! Anyway, it was fun while it lasted and I left Mr security guard enjoying the company of the unique dancing balls trained by Ferdinand Ginger cat choreographer.

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Kim said...

I like this story. I think I'll read on and add you to my favorites!