Thursday, May 04, 2006

An army on the move!

A lovely warm sunny day. I'm sitting on a bench outside my conservatory, a platoon of ants are marching due northwest towards the green house. Another column marching due southeast are carrying bits of stuff along the Victorian brick path to their encampment under my conservatory. Anthony is carrying a huge white ball of something, I dont think he can see where he is going! he is wandering away from the rank-and-file; he is going in the wrong direction. Ant has just got stuck on a clump of moss. He is trying to move his prize white ball of something or other but it is stuck tight. A comrade comes to his aid and nudges the burden loose, Anthony is moving again, and steered by his ally makes it to the sandy hill, and the entrance to his camp. The convoy continues on.....Another soldier in the line of marching ants is carrying the body of a fallen comrade.


"Dolly! Watch out, your paw, oooh."

The column breaks ranks. Many soldiers gather. Some carry bodies away. Others tend the maimed. One ant has a broken back and he twirls in circles his prize still in his jaws, desperate to rejoin the column he spins faster and faster pivoting on his narrow twisted waist.

My best Canadian chum Spunky would like to have a letter. I'm giving him the letter Z, (I wonder if I could use it later if I really needed to.) Ebra in the oo, well that's ok I could qualify it if I needed to; stripey horse in municipal game park. So Spunky, please have my letter Z, it is wrapped and ready to go but you just take good care of it you never know when it will come in useful, by the way I need your full address what is your ip code?

Ferdinand ginger cat philanthropist


Spunky EsqZ. said...

How lovely! My very own letter!! However, won't that leave you with a shortfall when you want to spell anything with a "Z"?

Sshe-who-would-wish-to-be-obyed probably won't let me play with it. For some reason she keeps picking up everything I find reasonably playful, such as those nifty round glass and metal things. She called them "fuses" but I call them FUN! I was eagerly batting them about when I heard "Spunky!!!! Where did you get those fuses?? Do not play with those!" and she snatched them away. No amount of "meow??" would convince her I only wanted a bit of fun.

Sometimes it's so difficult being young.

You need my IP??

Ferdinand said...

Dear Spunky old chum, I no longer have the letter 'cos it's packed ( hang on, - took me ages to wrap that; so neatly as well! oh well here it is.) Z, zip, and zebra in the zoo. Now where's that bubblewrap.


tikkles said...

Wow. And I thought I was the only feline in blog.

So this is what it feels like when doves cry.