Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cat levitation the causes and cures?

Another sunny day, that is two in juxta pose. My position is laying upside down, legs a kimbo, on my conservatory roof; mopping up a pool of sunlight.

I'm a bit worried about big Lil, she's behaving oddly (more oddly than her normal idiosyncrasies allow) she levitated off the back of the sofa and hit Susan (female human of the household) on the back of the head with her flying furry body.

The second time -and fortunately there have only been two instances- She was in deep r.e.m sleep and snoring contentedly, seemingly quite composed. The next thing she's in the air -a splodgey cat hovercraft- and landed on her side on the floor (all cats land on their feet and although Lil is not your normal average moggy -and we are all used to perculiarities- this is very disquieting) it woke her up -not much does, apart maybe from the aroma of roasting chicken- and she lay prone for a good minute, then she wailed and wailed and then wailed some more. Fortunately I was on paw to administer support, unfortunately, Dolly attended too and shoved a thermometer up her bum. Not good!

I've checked on websites to see the nature of the complaint to form a proper diagnostic opinion but it's all standard stuff.
Bald patches.
Peeing problems and smells.
Projectile vomit.
Fleas, etc.
I thought maybe it could be something to do with her sudden deafness; a loss of balance, an inner ear problem, but that doesn't explain the vertical take off from a sleeping start. I pumped into google, cat levitation and was issued with magic tricks to perform with your feline friend... but although I am of course supremely talented and could master with ease the slight of paw skills needed to work with a magic obsessed human friend have no inclination to pull a rabbit from a hat. The image of Roland rabbit leaps scarily to mind -now that is an image to conjure with!

Ferdinand not a magician: seeking help -and not too proud to ask -cat levitation the causes and cures?


Sasha said...

Sasha here. After consulting with She-who-would-wish-to-be-obeyed, I have a few questions and comments. Has Lil been examined for ear mites? Or perhaps an inner ear infection? She might also have damage to her ear drum, or, and I hate to say this, she might be developing a tiny ear tumour. The sudden loss of hearing can result from any of the above.

I have witnessed several of my fellow felines exhibit this phenomenon. They usually are in a deep slumber and are dreaming. Something within the dream triggers the levitation response and they leap up from a still position. At that point they awake, which can be most discombobulating. I, myself, have done this a couple of times. It was as if someone had touched me as I slept and voila, I was airborne! Most disturbing, I assure you.

My best to Lil. Try to be loving and patient with her as losing one's hearing can be most traumatic.

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