Sunday, April 08, 2007

Big Lil Queen of the felix tribe. I'm on the sofa! Martin's away which allows me the choice of inside the house or conservatory. He calls me...
"That smelly tomcat."
A charge I resolutely refute.

Anyway I was on the sofa in my yoga (matsyasana 3) position (very good for strengthening the back.) Big Lil was asleep on the sofa but on the next seat. I thought she was dreaming of roland hunting; chasing wild mickies through meadows; her body was in motion from the tips of her whiskers to the end of her tail; legs running, whiskers twitching, tail switching.

Big Lil cried. In her sleep she cried. Her body jerked her awake as if an invisible hand had shaken her roughly. Wide-eyed and confused, looking about her, trying to ground herself from her sleeping flight, I reached out and touched her paw. Big Lil hates to be touched (well, by us feline beings) but this time she accepted the touch, maybe and hopefully welcomed it. Her eyes softened and her body grew less taut.


And she settled again her back pressed firmly against the sofa cushion.

Her paw which she'd withdrawn returned just to touch mine and she purred. She purred softly before sleep took her again. This time I hope the dreaming meadows were alive with dancing butterflies, and bushy tailed rolands scampered up trees to escape the huntress's claw; big Lil Queen of the felix tribe. Not facing in this new sleeping ground the human beings who had used her head as a football and dumped her on that motorway...

No she was here with us. And she was as safe as any being can be!

Ferdinand: chilling with my friend.


Anonymous said...

Ferdi you are a gentle man.

km said...

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Ferdinand said...

Oh groan!