Friday, March 23, 2007

Dolly is not wearing pyjamas.

Oooh, ooh ooh. We're back on. Back on the world wide web.


And, And I have an Ebay account.
Well it's not mine exactly but it is on this computer and sometimes a human being (not mentioning any names) forgets to log out.

So I've made an inventory, taken stock of my worldly goods!

There's my:
Photograph of Richard Madeley.
Silver frame.
Pink blanket (comes with ginger hair).
A cardboard box with a picture of a strawberry on the side.
And a bacon rind with my teeth marks.

So number one will be listed under Art, Photographs, Contemporary.
2/ Antiques, Silver, Solid Silver, Frames
3/ Home and Garden, Bedding
4/ Umm a bit more difficult. Other perhaps? No I know! Art. It's got that picture of a strawberry on the side -a print- and it's an old box so... Art, Prints, Antique Prints, Botanical/Plants. Fantastic.
5/ This is even more difficult. Collectible? Food and Drink, Other? Well I'm not sure. My teeth marks...

"My teeth..."
"Ferd, Ferd."
"What, what?"

"It's the beeb."
"What is?"
"The BBC."
"What is the BBC?"
"Ferdinand don't you read the comments section."
"Not since an American called me an...!"
"Well we're going to be interviewed."
"Interviewed, beeb, going to be. So stop writing about chewed bacon rinds and write something sensible."

"I am very handsome."
"And factual."
"With ginger hair."
"Punch you?"
"Not me, you."
"I won’t hit you, you girl you."
"Hard hitting."
I’m not going to hit you Doll, hard or soft."
"Give me strength."
"That's why Doll, you’re not as strong as me one blow from these paws and..."
"Ferdinand. Write. Write something. Write something factual and surprising."

Dolly is not wearing pyjamas.

Ferdinand's inventory: making every word count.


Anonymous said...

When you putting your bacon rind on Ebay ? I'll give you 50 pence now, cash in your paw.


One-Eyed Jack said...

Well, Dolly not wearing pyjamas is certainly....factual. Does she wear furry pants though?

Ferdinand said...

No you cannot have my bacon rind - my chewed bacon rind- for 50 pence, even though that is a lot of money and would buy a lot of friskies.
I'm going to auction it on Ebay could be worth, well a lot...)
And Dolly said I wouldn't get any thing for it! Just got no taste that cat. No regard for the finer things in life.
Ferdinand and his very tasty bacon rind.

Ferdinand said...

Dear one eyed Jack

I'm too much of a gentleman to ask.

But once when she was up a tree...