Thursday, April 23, 2009

I know I'm not Grey Friars Bobby. I am NOT a dog!

Susan say’s, “You have to eat!”
I’ll eat when I feel like eating and at the moment I don’t. Sometimes I just want a moment of solitude at the henge. This is Lil's burial site. She has her very own henge.

But see the little yellow blob by the stone? That’s a yellow lily. They were a gift for Susan on her birthday. This lily flower is a gift to Lilly cat.
“Don’t be Grey Friars Bobby!” Susan says, rubbing my ears.
I’m not Grey Friars Bobby. I am NOT a dog!
I am cat.
Most other times though, I’m with Susan. She needs my company I reckon. So when she’s at the computer, I’m on the computer desk; shed, I’m there; studio, she has my company; kitchen, me too. Bathroom, she’s closed the door! But I can rattle the handle...

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