Friday, November 23, 2007

The computer's brain is missing...

Susan has pulled the plug on the computer. Not only has she pulled the plug but she's pulling out wires and jacks from the back of the computer! All the lights are out. All the beeps and pings are silent.

Dolly is asleep on a roll of bubble wrap on the table. Susan (female human of the household.) has left the room!

Susan has returned. She has in her hand two screwdrivers and a paintbrush!
Dolly is snoring.
Susan puts the computer on the desk.
She is undoing the screws at the back of the computer...
We're going in to the brains of the box. The inner workings -all the cogs and wheels and the levers and the lights and the hammers and the clocks, of said clever box are about to be revealed.
Just one last screw...
Ok, here we go.
The metal side is being slid.
Ok just get a bit closer.
Ok Susan go for it.
And we're...
"Susan there is nothing in there, what've you done with the brain?"
"Ferdinand will you get your nose out of the computer."
"Where is it?"
"Ferd will you shut up and move your head out of the way."
I'll just take a closer look. I can't believe the brain can just go. There is nothing in here! Well there's a bit of flat plastic, a couple of plastic bits and some string...
And dust.
A lot of dust.
”Ferdinand will you get your big ginger head out of there. Look at all that dust. Dust and cat fur. Ginger cat fur!"

”DOLLY. You seen this?”
”You woke me up to ask whether I've seen nothing?”

"The computer's brain is missing...."

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Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Did you ever find the brain? Daddy takes ours apart every couple of weeks because, as he says, 3 cats leave a lot of fur. We have never seen a brain either. How is Lil doing?