Sunday, July 01, 2007

A frogs eye view of the world.

There's a frog living in in the bird bath. I have tried to take a picture of him but every time I get close he dives and doesn't reappear until I've gone. I can see him if I stand on the kitchen window sill. Susan put a stone in the bowl, decided this would help him out.
I said to her "he's got legs he'll jump out," but she totally ignored me and put the rock in there anyway!
She then turned to me and said "Ferdinand you are not going to eat that frog no matter how many times you ask."
Honestly! sometimes you'd think I'm speaking Swahili.

I'm wondering what the world looks like from his perspective. Big Li's lapping tongue larger than his head.
Anyway this morning he was croaking. There are two frogs in that bowl now!

Ferdinand: A frogs eye view of the world.


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Two, soon there will be a bunch of tadpoles. I don't know how tadpoles taste but I'm sure Lil will let you know.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Ok, it's a bird baf, but you hafn't mentioned a single bird yet! It's a frog pool an a cat bowl, but birds? An Speedy is rite - they's multiplying.

Ferdinand said...

Hello Meow'ld chums. I have never see a feathered being near this water station. And if those frogs are up to hanky panky I haven't seen that yet either. But if it fills up with little swimmers they will have been up to no good when my back was turned. Which is a bit sneaky, maybe they're just shy...