Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cat extradited to USA for declawing!

"Oh no. OOOOH oh no."
"Doll, what have you done to Lil?"
"Are you sure?"
"What's up?"
"What's up?"
"They are going to cut my feet off."
"What? Who?"
"Dolly do you have any idea what Lil is crying about?"
"Well Yes, sort of."
"Well, I was on the internet and I didn't know Lil was there, being as she normally sleeps on the back of the sofa 23 hours a day."
"And?" I have the feeling this is going to be a big and.
"Well; I was reading this blog about this human female in America who lived with a tabby cat."
"That is obviously not it."
"Anyway; the female human was kept up all night because of this tabbies cries coming from the cellar. The female human felt guilt because she'd taken her to the vet to have her womb and feet removed."
"This cat had her feet removed."
"And this is what you told Lil."
"It's the truth. I read it."
"Well it's not quite the truth."
"You going get all subjective now?"
"It's not all the feet it's the front joint on each toe, and besides we are not in America."
"Ferd, why do they cut your feet - toes - off in America? "
"To prevent the furniture being clawed, I think"
"I'll tell Lil then, mind you her feet are so big..."
"And she scratches the furniture."
"I'll tell her then."

No we're not in America: but we could be...!

I wonder if we felines would be shipped over to the states alongside our English humans. England could then be used as an American base without having to listen to we Brits whinging about it 'cos we'd all be over there complaining about the weather. Yep, all and everyone of us Brits because of a treaty signed by Mr Blunkett can be shipped over stateside without a bye or leave.

The case has highlighted concerns over an extradition treaty sealed by former Home Secretary David Blunkett in the wake of the September 11 2001 attacks in the USA.

The treaty - originally presented as a tool in the fight against terrorism - allows British citizens to be extradited to the US without American courts having to provide there is a case for them to answer. But the failure so far of the US Senate to ratify it means that no such arrangements exist in relation to US citizens wanted in UK courts.

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Do they pay for your airfare and accomodation? Quite fancy Yellowstone!